How to Order

Select the model you would like to customize.

Where applicable, you can select specific options to match what is displayed in the promo photos. However, most options are purely customizable and you can tailor your order to exactly what you want!

Make your desired selections. The system will tell you if an option is mandatory or optional. For example, making a head choice is mandatory since all dolls come with heads (email us if you would like a custom product listing for a doll body without a head) or for a choice of wig, eye color, etc. It will also notify you if you are limited to selecting one option, two, or more. For example, certain options such as breast type or vagina type is limited to one option while wig choices, eye colors, and most premium options allow for 2 or more choices.

As you make selections, the product page will display how much a premium option will add to the total price. Please note that anything that costs extra will be completely optional and you won’t be prompted or forced to select something before proceeding to the cart.

Once you add your doll with your custom options to the cart, it will display a full list of all choices and a full premium option breakdown displaying how much each individual option costs if applicable. Please review your order to be sure that all of your custom choices are correct before submitting your order as doll production can start fairly quickly at times!

After your order is placed, it won’t be long before your new companion is with you!