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JK Doll

JK Doll 160cm E Cup (Body JK6) - Ninja (Head JK3)

JK Doll 160cm E Cup (Body JK6) - Ninja (Head JK3)

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JK Doll is a new brand established in 2022 and produced in the Jinsan factory, so you know it's quality! Jinsan is the same factory that produces the doll communities most popular brands such as WM Doll, YL Doll, Angel Kiss, etc. JK Doll specializes in producing TPE dolls and unique models inspired by fantasy elements as reflected in their promotional material. The bodies use a standard M16 connector type so you can easily pair their heads or bodies with other Jinsan products.

Please note that the dolls will not come with the outfits shown in the promo photos. These are just outfits to inspire and spark your creativity to show the endless possibilities you can have with your new doll!

What's Included in Box Along With Your Doll:

1x Blanket, 1x Irrigator, 1x Heating Rod, 1x Gloves, 1x Comb, 1x Lingerie Outfit.



Brand: JK Doll

Head: JK3

Height: 160cm

Weight: 35.8kg

Material: TPE

Cup Size: E Cup

Full Bust: 78cm

Underbust: 60cm

Waist: 56cm

Hips: 94cm

Arm Length: TBD

Shoulder Width: 36cm

Leg Length: TBD

Thigh Girth: TBD

Calf Girth: TBD

Foot Size: 21cm

Vagina Depth: 18cm

Anus Depth: 15cm

Oral Depth: 12cm

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