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Starpery 161cm H Cup - BBW - Ursula

Starpery 161cm H Cup - BBW - Ursula

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Starpery offers incredibly realistic dolls with some amazing custom options. All of their heads are silicone which offer an ultra realistic look. They also offer the option to choose between a TPE and silicone body! They quickly established themselves as being one of the top brands offering some of the most lifelike, quality dolls on the market today.

*Please note: Due to this particular dolls weight, the weight reduction option will be applied to all orders. There are weight limitations in place for shipping carriers and her standard weight of 70kg exceeds the current limit*


Brand: Starpery

Head: Ursula

Height: 161cm

Weight (TPE):

Weight with reduction option (TPE):

Weight (Silicone): 70kg

Weight with reduction option (Silicone): 53kg

Material: Silicone Head (Choice of TPE or silicone body)

Cup Size: H

Shoulder: 41.5cm

Full Bust: 109cm

Underbust: 81cm

Waist: 102cm

Hips: 125cm

Thigh Girth: 66cm

Foot Size: 23cm

Vagina Depth: 18cm

Anus Depth: 17cm

Oral Depth (Soft Head Only): 12cm

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