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XYcolo 158cm G Cup - Organic Silicone PRO - Bahia

XYcolo 158cm G Cup - Organic Silicone PRO - Bahia

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This special doll by XYcolo is made with Organic Silicone PRO material. It's among the highest quality premium materials we have seen. It's created using 10 layers of skin to recreate the natural feel of human skin. There is even simulated muscle! It is also a very durable material that will last for years if taken care of.

All Organic Silicone PRO models will use the premium aluminum skeleton with articulated fingers by default!

The Organic Silicone PRO material is already quite soft and will not allow for any "softness" upgrades for the butt, thighs, or belly.




Brand: XYcolo

Head: Bahia

Height: 158cm

Weight (Platinum Silicone): N/A

Weight (Organic Silicone): N/A

Weight (Organic Silicone PRO): 32kg

Material: Silicone

Cup Size: G

Full Bust: 85cm

Underbust: 60cm

Waist: 55cm

Hips: 89cm

Arm Length: 44cm

Shoulder Width: 36cm

Leg Length: 79cm

Thigh Girth: 50cm

Calf Girth: 30cm

Foot Size: 21cm

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