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XYcolo 170cm E Cup - Angel

XYcolo 170cm E Cup - Angel

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This model's body is only available in the Organic Silicone material. Organic Silicone is a bit firmer to the touch, but its pro's are it's lighter in terms of weight and has excellent makeup retention. Because of this, the organic silicone bodies will offer optional upgrades to increase the softness of the belly, butt, and thighs. All organic silicone models will use the premium aluminum skeleton with articulated fingers by default at no additional charge!


Brand: XYcolo

Head: Charlene

Height: 170cm

Weight (Platinum Silicone): N/A

Weight (Organic Silicone): 28kg

Weight (Organic Silicone PRO): N/A

Material: Silicone

Cup Size: E

Full Bust: 86cm

Underbust: 66cm

Waist: 55cm

Hips: 91cm

Arm Length: 49cm

Shoulder Width: 37cm

Leg Length: 83cm

Thigh Girth: 53cm

Calf Girth: 32cm

Foot Size: 22cm


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